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Homework help history victorians poor! Creative writing exam questions

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Services received upon payment are not intended to be turned in for classroom credit. Ask for a quote Upload File Track orders Direct download. Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads and is believed by some to be descended from the …Mythman Homework Help mythman homework help Jul 10, Perseus Digital Library An evolving buy a thesis collection of mythman homework help center resources for the Integer exponents homework computer research papers for Many 6th grade mythman homework help center teachers assign approximately 30 minutes of homework …Get your doubts clarified with tops experts.

Find A Tutor Today! Journeying to the Oracle of Delphi, he was told by the priestess that he would never be the father of a boy, and even worse, his daughter would have a son who would kill him. He shut and guarded her in a house built of bronze and sunk underground.

He hoped that in this way, he would not have to kill her and thus would spare his own life. One day, Zeus visited her as a shower of gold and she bore his son. For a time, she tried to conceal the child from her father, but the narrow limits of the bronze house made it increasingly difficult and soon Perseus was discovered by his grandfather.

Acrisius was very angry but was afraid to kill the boy or his mother because he feared Zeus. He had a great chest made, placed the two in it, and brought it to the sea and cast it into the water.

The chest was tossed out to sea and finally one day, they landed on an island but they had no way to get out of the box. Fate willed it, or even Zeus, that they were discovered by a good fisherman, name Dictys. He came upon the box, broke it open and took them home to his wife who was as kind as he. But in the end more trouble came. He wanted her, but not her son who was now fully grown , and he set himself to think of a way of getting rid of him.

There existed some fearsome monsters called Gorgons who lived on an island and were known far and wide because of their deadly power. Polydectes talked to Perseus and told him that there was nothing that he rather have than one of their heads. He announced that he was to be married and called his friends to the celebration, including Perseus.

Each guest, as a custom, brought the bride-to-be a gift, except for Perseus. Mortified, he then stood up and declared that he would go off and kill Medusa which was one of the Gorgons and bring back her head as his gift. This was exactly what the king had planned. There were three Gorgons and whoever looked at them was turned instantly to stone.

Polydected fully expected Perseus never to return alive. Not daring to see his mother, he sailed off to Greece to learn where the monsters were to be found. He then traveled to Dodona where the Selli lived and made their bread from acorns. They too did not know where the Gorgons lived. When and how Hermes and Athena came to his help was not known but he must have known despair before they did so.

At last, however, as he wandered, he met a strange and beautiful person - none other than Hermes, the messenger god and the guide for the giver of good.

This radiant person told him that before he attacked Medusa, he must first be properly equipped, and that what he needed was in the possession of the nymphs of the North.

These three women were all grey and withered as in extreme age. They had but one eye for the three, which they would take turns with, each removing it from her forehead after she had used it for a time and then handing it to another. Hermes unfolded the plan. He would lead Perseus to them and when they arrived, he would remain hidden until one of them took their eye out of their forehead to pass it on. At that moment, he would rush forward and seize the eye and refuse to give it back until they told him how to reach the nymphs of the North.

This was a wonderful gift, but what use was a sword if the creature to be struck by it could turn it into stone before he was within striking distance? The goddess Athena stood beside Perseus and she took off her shield of polished bronze and gave it to him.

She told him he would be able to see Medusa in it as in a mirror, and so avoid her deadly power. And so he now was bound for the country of the Hyperboreans. No one had been able to reach the place of the Hyperboreans but since Hermes was with him, the road laid open to Perseus.


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